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11+ childcare centre's found in Sutherland and another 120 centres in adjoining suburbs of Gymea,Gymea Bay, Kirrawee, Miranda, Caringbah, Jannali, Cronulla, Woolooware , Sylvania, Heathcote


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Suburb Profile

Childcare Sutherland

Sutherland Shire - dubbed "God's own country" by locals - has the lowest rate of departures of any council area in Sydney. Bureau of Statistics figures reveal that only 4.3 per cent of Shire residents moved out of the area in 2013-14, about half the average departure rate for councils across the city. The Shire's natural boundaries - the Tasman Sea, Georges River, and Royal National Park - are unique for a council area. Just 30 kilometres south of the famous capital of Sydney, Sutherland is a family friendly and easily accessible suburb. With long day care options available, working and raising a family here can really be a dream come true. Whether you need long day care in Sutherland or casual care, there are many council run childcare centres as well as privately owned businesses. In terms of accessibility, many centres can be accessed by car or walking, as well as child care near train stations and metros for those living close to train lines.

Another aspect of the family friendliness of Sutherland is that there are many parks and recreational facilities. The Worona Memorial Park and Waratah Park Reserve offer spaces to get together as a family and have a picnic or kick the footy around. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre and exciting Gallery & Arts Centre is worth a visit. With the combination of a major public gallery and community gallery with a complete arts centre and plenty to do for kids. It is home to over 15 national and international travelling exhibitions, 7 studios including a New Media studio, print workshop & ceramics studio and workshops. They run school holidays art classess for kids. The Sutherland Leisure Centre. is a renowned multi-purpose indoor & outdoor complex offering a wide selection of programs & facilities. It is a great centre for kids to learn swimming and other sports to stay healthy.

Finally, Sutherland has plenty hospitals and medical facilities available when sickness occurs in a family. There are enough 24 hour emergency clinics for peace of mind when a child gets sick, as well as hospitals that can tend to serious problems or illness, such as the Sutherland Public Hospital , President Private Hospital and the Kareena Private Hospital.

Accessibility & Transportation

Sutherland part of the outer Sydney suburbs prides itself in providing accessible services and invests in ideas to make life easier for all citizens. Many Child care centres can be accessed by car or walking, as well as child care near train stations for those living close to train lines. Sutherland is well commected via trains to the Sydney CBD and other destinations around NSW. Commuters can easily plan their trips using the department of transport's trip planner tool.

Childcare info

Sutherland is a family friendly suburb offering various options for childcare which include community or council based not for profit centres and private or commercial centres .

Sutherland Childcare centres usually operate for children from 0-6 years of age. Beyond 5/6 years of age a child is expected to be at school and most school's provide after school care.

Long day care
0-6 years

Sutherland Long Day Care centres aim to cater to working families by opening a minimum of 8-10 hours per day.

These centres offer child care and developmental programs including programs which preschools offer. They are required to participate in the National Quality Improvement and Accreditation Scheme if they wish to offer fee subsidies to the families who use their services

Pre school
3-6 years

Sutherland Pre schools offer development programs for children usually between the ages of 3-6. Preference is given to children who are about to start school. They are required to participate in the National Quality Improvement and Accreditation Scheme if they wish to offer fee subsidies to the families who use their services.

Family day care
0-6 years

Family Day Care offers child care and developmental programs in the homes of registered carers. Each carer can care for up to 4- 5 children under school age. Each carer is registered with a family day care organization who oversee their quality and program and also help them obtain fee subsidies for families using their service.

Occasional care
0-6 years

Sutherland Occasional care services are for parents who need short periods of child care for children under school age. They can be used regularly or irregularly while parents shop, attend appointments or take a break from parenting. Fee subsidies are available.

Childcare cost and government subsidy (Child Care Subsidy)

Childcare in Sutherland can range from 48 dollars to 190 dollars a day. The cost depends on the childcare facilities, hours of operation , ownership type ,location and the brand. Some of the providers have invested in well designed play areas and even employ a chef to cook quality meals for children at the centre itself. Some centres encourage kids to learn a 2nd language and provide teachers with the appropriate skills to teach the children.

The Australian Government provides families with financial assistance to help cover the costs of approved child care - the Child Care Subsidy. There are elegibility requirements to accessing the subsidy. For more information on the subsidy visit the Child Care Subsidy blog.

National Quality Framework for childcare

The NQF framework assesses childcare centres against seven quality parameters. It is important for parents to check the same before selecting a childcare for their child. For more information on the quality rating visit the National quality Framework site

Demand vs Supply

There is a good demand for affordable childcare in Sutherland . Most community and council run child care centre's have a long wait list. With new private commercial centres opening recently, childcare spots availability has improved.

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