Introducing the new Casual Vacancy Child Care module

Introducing the new Casual Vacancy Child Care module

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Introducing the new Casual Vacancy Child Care module

Managing your child care centre’s occupancy has never been easier – we have an award winning (GovHack innovation winner) streamlined solution for you.

With more parents working part time the need for flexible child care options increases. Because of this ever changing work landscape, parents want the flexibility to be able to book 2-3 days a week which leaves your team scrambling to fill the remaining days.

The above coupled with an ongoing average of 10% absenteeism of children in your care leads to opportunities to improve your occupancy and create a better experience for parents.

The wait is over for the much awaited Casual Vacancy module (CVM). The team at have after months of customer research launched the beta version of the module.

The Casual Vacancy Module (CVM) has been designed to enable you to fill your child care centre’s vacant spots and price it based on demand.For example, a child care centre vacancy on a Monday can be priced at AUD 120 whereas a vacancy on a Friday can be priced at AUD 80.

The CVM platform provides a unique link to your child care centre’s vacancy page where parents can simply visit the link and get an update on the availability. These spots would also be available to be viewed in a few months on Facebook via our Faceboot chatbot.

The design enables existing parents to book casual spots and new parents to get enrolled.

Please contact us if you would like to trial the CVM platform. We are offering a three months free trial to the first 20 centres to email us at .