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Written by Peter Marks.

Making the search for childcare easier, with data

Finding the right childcare for your child is something that parents spend endless hours worrying about, and when your child is unable to attend, it can be costly. An award-winning innovative platform prototyped at GovHack aims to relieve some of that stress, by using data!

Team AAYA’s award-winning 2016 GovHack NSW entry has now turned into a real-life business, with a fully-developed website and chatbot available at

Spot A Childcare allows parents to select a childcare centre by using the information that matters the most to them, providing the latest updates on vacancies and registering online for childcare waiting lists.

For more information on Australia’s first child care chat bot, visit the’s Facebook page. The team recently launched a casual vacancy module enablig parents to get the much needed child care flexibility.

When asked the secret to his team’s success, Sourav Shah provided some sage advice:

“not trying to do everything. You can’t get a fully functional app in two days, but we got the basic concept enough to explain to the judges. That was the key.”

We love seeing ideas sparked at GovHack going on to make a difference to our contestants’ lives, and it’s particularly exciting seeing an idea that can make busy parents’ lives easier too!