Eastern Region Family Day Care

33 Wellaton Street, Midvale, WA, 6056  |  
FDC Approving Authority: Eastern Region Family Day Care
9274 6222

Eastern Region Family Day Care is a local government sponsored not for profit service assessed and rated as exceeding in the eastern suburbs of Perth.

Overall Rating: Exceeding NQS

Quality Area Ratings:
Why is it important?
Educational program and practice
Meeting NQS

High Quality Education and Care gives children the best start in life

Children’s health and safety
Exceeding NQS

Families can be confident that their children are in safe and healthy environments

Physical environment
Exceeding NQS

Play and learning help develop skills for life

Staffing arrangements
Exceeding NQS

Quality care means your child will be educated and cared for by professionals

Relationships with children
Exceeding NQS

Children need quality care and attention that meets their individual needs

Partnerships with families and communities
Exceeding NQS

You should feel included and a part of your child’s service

Leadership and service management
Exceeding NQS

Quality education and care is built on effective leadership

Age Groups & Fees (Daily Rate):

0-2 Years
2-3 Years
3-6 Years
6-12 Years

Opening Hours:

08:30 AM
05:00 PM


  • CCR & CCB Approved
  • Not For Profit
  • Food Provided

Childcare Services:

  • Family Day Care

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